Sunday, 27 March 2016

The Reset Girl | #plannersgottaplan

I've joined the 'Reset' Club and decided that I would grab some stickers at 40% off while I still could! Welcome to the wonderful world of planners, planning and everything associated with the great world of it!

The Reset Girl was developed and created by Cori Spieker - she loves planners, planning, planner lists and everything in relation to it. She runs a planner list group, and she has her own shop dedicated to selling planner stickers, accessories, stationery and more. It's a great website and at the time through a fluke, there was 40% off stickers last month and free worldwide shipping too. I only ordered a few stickers to test the service and products out, so here's my very small order:

First of all, let's take not of the posting envelope:

Like seriously, that's pretty cool! Loving the envelope sticker too:

Here's the contents from the back:

And now for everything I bought:

So in this order, I bought some Blogger stickers in the Cutie range, Small Talk Strip Reminders in City Girl edition and mini Dew drops in Cutie and Honey girl ranges. Really gorgeous colours and sweet little stickers too. My order came to under $10 and it was 40% off with free shipping. Free shipping only applies to stickers - it does not apply to any other orders. Here's a few pictures of the individual items I bought:

Dew drops in Honey Girl and Cutie colour ranges

Cutie Itty Bitty Blogger Reminders

City Girl Small Talk Strips

You also get a few freebies, of which are below:

Freebies include: a Planners Gotta Plan postcard, a thank you note for your order, some colour block stickers, a Fish Fortune Teller and some mini XOXO stickers.

I made this order on the 10th March 2016, mailing was done seven days later on 17th March, and the item arrived on 26th March 2016, so just over two weeks for the envelope to arrive. To be honest, I'm not too fussed about the time period, only because I didn't need it urgently and the packet was coming from the US and I live in the UK.

The site has a great range of supplies to buy for planners and for stationery lovers, colours are vibrant, but there will always be a colour palette to suit everyone.

Check out the shop: and also check out the Reset Girl Blog at:

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Happy Spring Time! | Update and Future Creativeness

Hi there everyone and welcome to Spring (nearly) and of course welcome to Melusberry Crafts.

As you could tell from the last few posts I was doing the 12 Days of Christmas and well it got there and then Christmas came full swing and hit me in the face and I unfortunately had no time amongst working, buying and prepping for Christmas that I didn’t finish the last few days on the blog.
If you would like a process / method post behind them, please let me know – I can adapt them slightly to accommodate a more less seasonal holiday or occasion (like a birthday or anniversary) – so please leave your comments below. The last few Christmas projects I did were foil-themed and foil-based.

I had planned to do a few posts in the New Year, but have lost so much craft mojo that I have stopped doing a few things creatively for a while to get some momentum back. I don't normally go on breaks for long periods of times, but I am finding that my time is very limited and if there is any spare time, I literally like to spend this time doing not very much, as I am always on the GET GO. ALL THE TIME, so for now I will be doing a few projects here and there and will be a mix of creative discoveries rather than fixating on one medium.

I would like to think 2016 would be full of creativity, and I would be like 'Let's do everything!' But at this present moment time, I want to take one day at a time and one project at a time - and where that path takes me.

Here's to Spring, Easter and hopefully a lot more UK Summer sun and creative inspiration!


Wednesday, 25 November 2015

12 Days | Day 8 - Boxes (with and without Craft Boards)

Hello everyone! Day 8's post is all about Boxes.

Today I will be making a simple 2.5 by 2.5 by 1.5 box using the We R Memory Keepers Box Punch Board

You can make this box also by using a 'Dice shape' template that you can use. You can also make an origami box as well. details of which can be seen further down the post.

Here is what you'll need

We R Memory Keepers Box Punch Board
8 x 8 Squared Paper
Die Cut Tags /  Do Crafts Folk Christmas
Twine / String
Double Sided Tape / Glue / Glue Dots

Take the 8 x 8 squared paper and follow the instructions on the board. We will be creating a square 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 box, so you will be starting and scoring with the 'M' line on the start line edge. Punch and score where appropriate.

Once one set of punches are done, you will nee to either flip the piece of paper other, or line up the board so that it will punch a second set of notches, where the instructions. You will also need to score where necessary

Insert the corners into the left hand slot, this will cut notches so that the top four tabs will lock into each to form a closure.

Fold along the score lines and you can lock in the top flaps together. The box will fold in

Take some ribbon and wrap this around the box tying a knot at the top of the box to secure it.

Cut a length of twine and insert this twine into a die cut tag from the Do Crafts Folk Christmas range. If you have pre-prepared tags, please use these instead.

Attach the tag on the bow of the box and this will be the perfect box for any present.

The punch board can create most sized boxes, so give them all a try with different sizes available!

For Non Board Users

You use a dice shape net like the one below

You may have to make a lid!

For the origami Lover in you, this tutorial below to make a box using square pieces of paper will be right up your street!

You can also make a lid with this box using similar tutorials

And here are some printables as well

The boxes can be then decorated with your own ribbon, embellishments and stickers! 

The posts this week leading up to the 12th Day won't be on the same days as usual they will be on different days, so stay tuned for those posts!

As always, Happy Creating! 

Monday, 23 November 2015

12 Days | Day 7 - Decorated Envelopes

Today’s post can include the kids, or can involve just the adults having fun with it! Today we do Decorated Christmas Envelopes.
All you will need is an envelope and some Christmas related paraphernalia to get you going!
I had in an instant a notion to be really neat and tidy with it and having everything in its place – but quickly decided after that notion to put the stuff wherever I wanted, because I thought it would be more fun!

You will need:

Envelopes of your choice
Christmas Die Cuts - Paperchase | £2.50
American Crafts – Deck the Halls Die Cuts | £3.99
Christmas themed wrapping paper or a Christmas themed paper pad
Double Sided Tape or Glue
Christmas Washi Tape – Tiger | £2.00
String, Twine or Ribbon (Optional)

Optional Additional Materials:
Felt Shapes

 - x -
Take an envelope and think about where you will put the person’s name and address. If you are going to give this to a friend by hand, think about where you would need to put their name.

Then as you go along, add washi tape, glitter or sequins to make your envelope design as random as possible, or as neat as you would like.
I’ve added the washi tape and a few die cuts – just to keep it simple. You can use string through tag die cuts to decorate your envelope or you can add your own personal touches to your envelopes for some of your friends or family.

Designs or doodles, as well as stickers can also make your envelope stand out.

Envelopes delivered by post may limit you to design as this will go through the postal system, but post being hand delivered – GO ALL OUT!!!
A very short post today, but I hope you enjoyed it! Another post is up on Wednesday!
Happy Crafting!

Thursday, 12 November 2015

12 Days | Day 6 - Free Christmas Printables

Day 6 is here! Woohoo! Today's post is Free Christmas Printables. I've selected a few links via the amazing site that is Pinterest to pick out a few DIY Projects for your to print and make to get into the Christmas spirit!

(But hey! Don't get too lazy - make some effort! Here are a few - not many Free Printables that I found via Pinterest. Last minute - but don't leave everything to the last minute!

So without further ado - let's start with...

Advent Calendars

The perfect way to get the festivities on! Make some DIY crackers, DIY boxes, print out these little projects for fun Advent Calendar-ing!

Hey Look | Printable Black and White Advent Boxes

Credit: Hey Look via
Download here (link is at the bottom of the page to download and print)

Mr Printables | Christmas Street Advent Calendar

Image via Mr P / Mr Printables

Download here via the Mr Printables post. It's in a PDF format, so printing is pretty easy!

There are a number of Advent Calendar Number Tags available for download below, just in case you had something more plain and wanted to customise it yourself

Simple As That Blog | Advent Calendar Number Tags

Christmas Crackers

Mr Printables | Christmas Crackers

Image via Mr P / Mr Printables

You can download these great crackers here

Crafty Ferret | Printable Christmas Crackers

Image via Crafty Ferret

Download here via Dropbox

I have two other alternatives from Trimcraft and Martha Stewart in my Day 4 Post. Click here for that post

Christmas Tags

Need ways to in which to decide who gets what present? Here's some Christmas tags for you!

Image via I Heart Naptime

I Heart Naptime | Download here

Image via Pinterest / The Happy Tulip

Happy Tulip | Christmas Movie Quote Gift Tags

Image via Almost Perfect /

Almost Perfect | Holiday Gift Tags

Christmas Cards

Need some cards straight away and haven't bought any? Check the links below to print out your own in the office!

Image via Delia Creates /

Delia Creates | DIY Christmas Cards

Christmas Wrap

You should be on top of the wrapping game - but if you're not use these printables to wrap or decorate your Christmas gifts. Failing that - get some brown paper pronto!

Lia Griffiths | Bows and Wrap Round Up

So there you have it - a few links to get you started thinking about Christmas - get your creative thinking caps on!

See you other the weekend for Post 7! Happy Crafting!

Sunday, 8 November 2015

12 Days | Day 5 - Danish Star Christmas Decoration

Hi there everyone! Today I have a Christmas decoration for you all to make called a Danish Star. In some places it's called a Finnish Star, or a Danish (or even Scandinavian) Snowflake. If you have Pinterest, you can search for different designs and variations, but today I will be making this in one colour and all it will require is a pair of scissors, some double sided tape or a stapler and some coloured paper.

6 Pieces of Card / 6 x 6 Paper Pad (Preferably double sided with patterns)
Strong Glue / Double Sided Tape
Hole Punch

- x -

Take your 6 pieces of card and cut them down to square measurements, for example 6 inches by 6 inches, 5 inches by 5 inches and so on. The pieces I'm using are from a 6 inch by 6 inch pad

Fold the each individual piece diagonally once, and then fold again. It should look like a small triangle and when you open the triangle it will look like a cross from corner to corner.

If you have unravelled the square, fold it back up again and then with the point facing left (with the fold downwards, like the picture below) cut 3 slits as shown below.


Unfold the paper and it should look like the picture below. Cut pieces of double sided tape and stick these on alternate sides of the square as below. You will be joining the sides together, and then alternating the sides towards the middle.


The shape below is what you should get from sticking together the alternate sides. You will need to make six of these.

Once you have all six, take a stapler and join three of the stars together at one tip. You will end up with two halves.

Join these two halves together - either with a stapler, or very strong double sided tape or glue. Here, I've used a stapler. You can add an extra staple at two sides where it meets in the middle for extra support and hold.

You can then add string to the top of your star to hang up. You can use a hole punch, I'm used a Crop-A-Dile by We R Memory Keepers

And hey presto! A Danish / Scandinavian Star (or even Snowflake!)

You can do various sizes, various colours, hang them up around the room or decorate a small space with them. I've done another version here below using double sided Christmas Vintage-type paper

Day 6 will be up on Weds 11th Nov! Until then, Happy Crafting!

Thursday, 5 November 2015

12 Days | Day 4 - Advent Christmas Crackers (w/ Craft Boards / Tools)

Day 4 are these Mini Advent Christmas Crackers. These are made using The Candy Box Board from We R Memory Keepers, as well as the use of specific Craft Tools which won’t be available to everybody.

These crackers can be made out of a card / paper template. You can Google 'Cracker Paper Template'. Some links are below:

So, without further ado – here’s how I made them

Materials and Tools
 We R Memory Keepers Candy Box Board (Amazon)
Big Shot Die Cutting / Embossing Machine (Hobbycraft UK)
American Crafts Thickers Alphabets - Cheer
My Favorite Things Well Worn Greetings Die Set
Any 12 x 12 Christmas Paper Pad
Foam Squares
Green Striped Ribbon
Christmas Ribbon
Red Liner Tape
Scissors / Pencil / Ruler
Fiskars A4 Paper Cutter
White Card

- x -
The basic size of paper needed for the crackers to be punched out with the board must be in width measure 7 inches. This means you can have any length of paper, but the width should always be 7 inches

I’ve cut these three papers below to measure:

7 inches by 8 inches
7 inches by 7 inches
7 inches by 6 inches

Follow the instructions that came with the candy box and punch out the start of your cracker, this will punch out one side of the cracker, you will then need to flip the piece of paper over and do the same on the opposite side

Use double side / strong red tape / glue / glue dots to tape one side and to seal to create the 3D rectangular shape

Cut your ribbon into two 20cm pieces. Tie one side tightly

Take your filling for the cracker – mini packet of sweets, mini candy bar, you can even put lollipops, mini toys, little trinkets or similar and either wrap these up in tissue paper or similar and fill the inside of the cracker. Tie the other side once filled with the remainder piece of ribbon

For the Number decorations, I die cut the three pieces that come with My Favorite Things Well Worn Greetings Dies. I have die cut the different elements of the die set in the similar paper set as the mini crackers – all pieces have been die cut using the Big Shot Die Cut Machine.

The die cuts from the MFT Well Worn Greetings Dies are adhered together with foam squares to give a decoupage or 3D effect. I used the same foam squares to stick this to the main cracker.

The numbers are American Crafts Thickers and this is in the design ‘Cheer’ – which is a stripy red / grey glittery design. These are adhesive and do not need extra glue!

And there you go! I have used these as mini Advent Crackers, but you can use these as stocking fillers, crackers to put on the dinner table, use as decorations on the tree (without the filling) or just to give as mini gifts for friends or work colleagues.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and make. On Sunday we'll have Day 5! 
See you then and Happy Crafting!