Friday, 31 May 2013

Crafting Everyday in June! :)

I normally browse through a few favourite craft bloggers I follow either through Blog Lovin' or just have bookmarked on my IPad or Netbook, so today was pretty much no exception!

I came across Kairen from Karoove via Lou Mac and she has decided to set up a little challenge for everyone to take part in - on your own craft blog - and that is to blog something crafty everyday (yep, EVERYDAY!) throughout June!

Now if you're like me and a bit of part-time crafter - it's gonna be difficult! But lately with a bit of a loss of mojo and a lack of inspiration, I thought that this might be a great way to encourage me to craft something or at least contribute something crafty (inspiration, favourite products, favourite tools etc) to the crafty bloggersphere with this very challenging (see what I did there?!) challenge! So I'm actually going to attempt this! Think this maybe a challenge and a half - but I think it'll be worth it! Karen has set up different topis for everyday, so if you're stuck one thing, then you have another option.

At the moment I'm running two sites - one is a creative blog - mainly for design team work - Princess Melus Crafts and various one off cards I create for friends - and the other is my business craft site, which I am in the middle of setting up - Melusberry Crafts -  which you are now visiting!
With Melusberry Crafts at the moment it has little content, so in order to fill this awesome crafty website space I have, I will be filling this website throughout June with content and card-making goodness and even when the challenge is over I will continue to craft and blog throughout the rest of the Summer, so pop back as much as you can to have a look at what's on the site at the moment! I'll be doubling up on posts and posting on this site, as well as on the Princess Melus Crafts site - so please show some love on both sites - that would be brilliant & much appreciated! :)

So if you're up for the challenge of blogging something crafty everyday through June - GO FOR IT! It'll be awesome to see what inspires you all or alternatively what you guys are creating too! So take part if you can!

Kairen's Post is here: Blogging Everyday in June - which contains T's & C's, Rules and the opportunity to be entered into her Craft Bundle - all details of which are on the post. You'll also have option of putting a badge on your blog if you're craft-blogging everyday in June! Check out the post for more details! Take part and Spread the Craft-Blogging Word! :)

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