Sunday, 23 June 2013

Blogging Everyday in June - Day 21: A Perfect Afternoon...

Getting there! Here's Day 21:
Describe your perfect afternoon

I think for me perfect afternoons consist of either doing one of two things: 1) crafting in absolutely peace and quiet at home with all the time in the world to create or 2) spending a gorgeous afternoon in the warm UK sunshine!

Crafting for me is something that I can do anytime, but with such a small space at home and not that much to swing a cat, it can be a bit difficult. Being able to craft with no-one in the house and the space all to yourself (moving everything to the living room) then it is doable and then I know I have all the time in the world to create some cards, some layouts and a few other pieces in between. It can be rather therapeutic being able to craft with maybe a bit of music in the background and not having to watch the time every 30 minutes. That in itself would be a perfect afternoon.

On the other hand, sometimes spending time outside is lovely. London is host to some great spaces - some local parks in your own neighbourhood, others requiring a bit of travel to enjoy a wider space for a bit of sunshine and to catch a bit of a tan. My perfect afternoon in the sunshine would consist of me and some good friends, some music in the background to listen to and have a dance around, and also, possibly - though not necessarily needed - though who wouldn't want one - a barbecue! Great food, ice cold beverages, great company, warm sunshine. I couldn't really ask for more! Perfect! :)

That's my perfect afternoon, what's yours?

Day 22 in a bit...

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