Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Blogging Everyday in June - Day 26: Being Good at Stuff...

Day 26: What do you wish you were good at?

There's probably a lot of things I wish I was good at, seriously he's a peek at a quarter of the list (LOL):

Saving Money
I don't shop a massive amount, but I do shop and I don't save much - which is bad

Can't cook properly, I can do bits and pieces, but if you're expecting a four course meal round my place, then you're thinking ahead more than I am!

Taking Compliments & Criticism (more positively!)
Can't take either without having to make a joke at the end, like: 'Your cheque is in the post', *gives a strange look* or anything else similar. Its difficult for me. Same with criticism as well. Can't take it all that well either!

And last but not least:

Being Better with Time
I am organised to a certain extent, and my time keeping skills are okay, but I wish I could organise my time a little bit more efficiently and keeping to those times. I think I need to change watches, or maybe just plan ahead a little more?

There's just a few things I wish I was good at... what do you wish you were good at?


  1. The time thing is mine too....I need to organise it sooo much better! I have more free time the older my kids get....I just seem to get busier!Maybe I should just create a timetable & stick to it lol!
    Hugs Jo x

    1. I try and do timetables, well I think more lists, because I could probably stick to about 90% of it. I could probably try the time table as well I think! :) xx

  2. Oh I just thought of one I didn't put on my list. I wish I didnt take everything personally. I am really bad at that one.

    1. I think with me is i'll get like 5 great comments about anything and then 1 person will say something negative and that'll be the one that will have a massive affect on me. Trying to be a bit more thick skinned! It is difficult though!


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