Thursday, 6 June 2013

Blogging Everyday in June - Day 6: Inspiration for Crafting...

We are on to sixth day - nearly a week in already! Time is whizzing by! Here's Day 6's challenge:
Tell us how you / where you get your inspiration

Easy one I think for me and it's YouTube!

Now as I am in my late 20's I love me some YouTube. I'm very fond of the all knowing online social media and one of the main inspirations I get for card marking and crafting in general is YouTube. This is only been a recent thing though online within the last 2 or 3 years and in the early days of crafting I used to buy tons and tons of cardmaking magazines - Simply Cards and Papercrafts, Scrapbook Magazine, Cards Magazine (a US craft magazine, I think - they stopped selling it in the UK), Do Crafts anything like that if I saw it in the shop, I'd buy it and if it came with a great freebie that I needed or wanted or liked It would definitely be in my basket and on its way to the checkout! Then from magazines (though I still buy the occasional magazine!) it moved on to TV - especially shopping channels like - QVC, Ideal World and now Create and Craft which I do watch most of the time when I am at home in the background if I am making cards during the day. They inspire me to some degree, but it's always great when they have a craft you know nothing about and you wanna learn more, or if they showcase crafts you know everything about and you want to extend your expertise!

With the rise and popularity of Pinterest - which I do like, Facebook, Twitter and especially YouTube. I get most of my inspiration from YouTube. I think for me, I love visuals and seeing card and paper crafters such as Jennifer McGuire (Simon Says Stamp and others), Kristina Werner (Simon Says Stamp), Angie Kennedy Juda (Stampin' Up) and independent crafters as well - putting a card together from virtually nothing is so cool and I'm like 'I could so do that!' And its great being able to see the beginning to the end process and then the finished result - it is awesome and I still feel amazed when they produce something out of nothing - and equally astounding when I can do that myself and think 'Wow! I just totally made that!' It's a great feeling!

So that's how I get inspired for crafting! Can't wait to check out everyone else's stories of how they get inspired too I'll be reading them!

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Until tomorrow! :)


  1. You Tube is one thing I have never got into. Don't know why but I really must try again I think

    1. YouTube takes a lot of patience, because you can't always look for what you want, but I seem to have got the hang of it, and I always come across something I've never seen before and want to try!

  2. I keep trying with Facebook but just can't get into it.....think maybe it's my age lol xx

    1. Facebook is pretty cool Jo! I think it's because I'm always on Facebook that you come across new things to try out and like! You can always give it another go! :) xx


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