Friday, 7 June 2013

Blogging Everyday in June - Day 7: Ten Things

Day 7 is here - nearly a week into the Blogging Everyday Challenge and I've actually really enjoyed it. Start as we mean to go on!
Ten things that make you Happy :)

I actually think this is going to be a bit difficult - but let's give it a go! (and in no particular order)

I love food, I don't like cooking as such, but I love food. My Dad's a great cook and as I still live at home, I just love the comfort of home cooking and home cooked meals. Knowing that my Dad could be cooking a family favourite makes me smile, plus on a Sunday I always love a good roast!
Favourites include: Chicken, Cake & Shepherd's Pie. Yummy!

I consider some of my best friends to be included in this category. They always make me smile and make me happy in any instant and they're always there for me - that's always a reason to smile

Good friends, close friends, best friends - whoever. I love their company even if I don't see some of them all the time. I always enjoy time with them as a group and individually and that always makes me happy.

Yeah, I had to include it because I do love me a good ol' shop. Whether it is craft shopping. clothes shopping or shoe shopping. I love me a window shop or the occasional splurge!

Long Summer Evenings
It's nearly festival season in the UK and possibly anywhere else vaguely warm and nice and I know me and some friends are going to a few one day or weekend festies so it'll be good to spend some long Summer evenings enjoying great company, great atmosphere and entertainment while it's still warm and light outside.

Great Company (and spending time with awesome people)
Spending time with people whom I adore and totally love to pieces and enjoying those moments - whatever the season, whatever the weather. Whether its doing something totally random like BBQs in the sunshine, going down to the beach for the day or even just going to the park around the corner to soak up the atmosphere is pretty cool and spending time with and being in great company is always a reason to be happy

I do love me some paper, and some double sided tape and then some stamps! Highly recommended and highly therapeutic - Card making (specifically for me) or a bit of scrapbooking makes me happy - putting those memories together and making something special for someone is enough to make me smile

Space and Time for Me
There are times when I like being alone. And I say alone, I mean having time to reflect on the week or day, or having time to myself to relax. I love other people's company and I like the company of others, but there are times when I like space and time to chill out, relax, take it easy and just reflect and rest. 

Birthdays / Parties / Special Events
You have a boogie, you have a bit of a dance, you spend time with some good / great friends and it's someone's birthday - and they love their birthday. Or it's a wedding, or a special occasion in general and you love seeing people and yourself celebrating together. I love those moments.

Bad Jokes / Humour / Sarcasm
Enough said on this one. Hearing bad jokes is one thing, having to explain the bad joke in question is another. Laughing makes me happy, so if you got a good joke (or maybe a relatively bad one) - you know who you can tell it to! :)

So there are my 10 things that make me happy. It wasn't that bad actually. Trying to think though was a bit much (as always!) but I got there in the end. 

What makes you happy? I look forward to finding out :)


  1. I thought it was going to be a tough challenge today but rather easier then I dreaded. I can now think of loads of things that I didnt put down. DOH!

    1. I think it's the same like with the 5 words challenge that you had the other day! I could think of loads more words to put and didn't put them in the post! LOL.

  2. - just off to add more to my list! LOL!!! Well I liked yours too. x

  3. Fab list.....oooh, I forgot about shopping!

    1. Can't forget the shopping Jo! It is great therapy! :) xx

  4. Hi Mel, well isn't your list just great! I was never one much for music festivals but I did used to go to concerts - miss those and shopping - who doesn't love shopping!!!!

    Hope you have a fab weekend.


    1. Thanks Sarah! Concerts are just as good as festivals, so you should totally go if you can during the summer! Hope you're having a great weekend too! :)


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