Saturday, 8 June 2013

Blogging Everyday in June - Day 8: My Craft Space...

Bit of a late post today, as I have been out for most of the day but before Day 8 is over in very warm London I thought I would squeeze in the eighth day post!

Day 8: Describe or Take a picture of your Craft Space

I have a ridiculously small room and as with a small room comes an even smaller space and area to craft in! So I've taken a few pictures of my craft space (well sometimes it ain't even a space - it's just mess!) which is located in the right hand corner of my room. So here's a bit more detail for each numbered picture I've taken:

1) I have two shelves - the first top shelf I store my 6 x 6 paper pads in the grey basket on the left hand side, then various other items including an 8 x 8 pad, my multipurpose platform & shims for my Big Shot, some Cath Kidston Sew & Make books, various A4 paper, folders, paperwork and in the far right in the magazine files I store my various border dies, box dies and taller shims for my Big Shot. 
The second shelf stores cards made for my past or present DT teams, my jewellery and beads storage box, containers with buttons, more beads or broken accessories and a clear box that has twine, ribbons etc and the Sizzix Texture Boutique on top.

2) This box contains craft material I am currently using or trying out (shorter explaination, or we'd be here all day!)

3) Pens, rulers, pencils, scissors, colouring pencils, felt tips and next to them (though not evident in this picture!) Promarkers

4) Printer with random papers, folders and a blank canvas

5) Storage drawers with dies and punches, embossing folders and the last drawer envelopes and card

6) This box (which is on my tiny desk) has got the stamps and inks I am currently using.

I don't craft at my desk, because there is no chair at my desk, so I normally craft 80% of the time on my bed (random but true) which is just opposite my craft area. I just work on a hardcover A4 book and then put a cutting mat on top and then place all my craft stuff around me, so it's easier to reach for. I do sometimes (the other 20%) craft in my living room, but I hate having to drag boxes around and move from room to room if I need something that's in the other room, so it's a lot easier to craft in my room as everything I need is in there and I get time to myself! :)

So that's my craft space. I'm looking forward to checking other crafters' 'creative spaces' too!

Until tomorrow!


  1. one of the things that drives me up the wall is the getting everything out and then put it all away thing. Just sooooo annoying

    1. I know! I wouldn't mind if I had like one or two boxes, but I have like 10 - and it's like "Ah crap!" LOL. But I can't help building up the craft stash!


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