Thursday, 12 December 2013

Christmas DIYs

Christmas is sometimes a time when you're pretty busy with work, the kids, family coming round, present shopping, gift wrapping and card writing. But what if you've left it to the last minute to make a few things, decorate the house and make it more festive, or maybe throw in a few last minute gifts? Well one of my favourite websites - Buzzfeed - and come up with a few things for you to try and create at home using everyday objects, or at least things that maybe close at hand.

(NB: I've used the UK version as well and typed in the search box 'DIY Christmas' just in case you have slightly hated some of these ideas!)

So here's a little selection:

Last Minute DIY Hacks
Make window snowflakes with a glue gun
image courtesy of Buzzfeed
Recorate some Ornaments!

Image courtesy of Buzzfeed

Haven't given out Christmas Cards yet, but don't mind being original - these ideas may encourage you to create!

DIY Holidays Cards

Craft Paper Cards and Envelopes
Image courtesy of via Buzzfeed
And if you're stuck wondering what to make or get that special loved one, friend, relatively, cousins, aunt, brother - whoever and may want something unique and handmade, look no further!

DIY Gifts You'd Actually Like to Receive

Geode Ring
Image courtesy of via Buzzfeed
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So there you have it, hope you've been encouraged to get slightly creative on some (if not all!) your Christmas presents this year. Christmas crafting may not have sounded so good! :)

Happy Crafting!!!

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