Thursday, 29 May 2014

Blogging Everyday in June 2014

june 2014 craft every day

Last year I took part in the 'Blogigng Everyday in June' Challenge which was organised by the lovely Kairen from Karoove. A handful of crafters took part in it because it great to get those creative juices flowing and to be honest - it was really fun and really got you thinking! 

Although the year has whizzed past so quickly, a lot in the last 12 months has changed and I couldn't be more happier. Things aren't perfect, but they're getting there and I'm getting closer to achieving those small little goals and that's kinda awesome! So... this year I'll be taking on the challenge again and seeing how much has changed in 12 months from last years posts!

You can check out the run of my June posts from last year from Day 1 here

Karen has made up her rule list (they're not strict or anything!) as well as the Craft Task To Do List:.

If you would like to join in, check out the post, rules and other info here and hope you will all join in too!

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