Sunday, 1 June 2014

Blogging Everyday in June - Day 1: What Does Crafting Mean to You?

It's Day One of the Blogging Everyday in June Challenge presented by Kairen from Karoove. So the first day asks:

Day 1: What Does Crafting Mean to You?

Crafting still has meaning for me, I still have my craft supplies on one side of the room and my collection has been added too and subtracted too! For me crafting has taken a bit of a back track in life at the moment, but I see opportunities for my passion for crafting to grow and hopefully be continuous!

Crafting for me is still a hobby, last year I was on a Design Team for Aud Sentiments, but now I'm not part of any team because I didn't have enough time for it - there just isn't enough time in the day unfortunately! =(

I still make cards for friends and family though and I still love the look on their faces when they have their own handmade card. Hopefully my crafting mojo will improve, I've felt demotivated over the last 6 months or so, but slowly this is coming back. Crafting is still significant for me and does take up a quarter of my time, hopefully during this month it will go up to a third because I do enjoy it massively and  being able to still enjoy crafting after all this time is still a bonus! =)


  1. Hi Mel......sorry to hear you're not crafting as much this year.....hope this brings your mojo back!
    hugs Jo x

    1. Thank Jo! I hope so too! It'll be really good to do the challenge again and get that creative juice back! xx

  2. Know how you feel about no mojo. I really miss it and hope this is the boot up the bum to get me back into gear.

    1. I'm sure it will Kairen! I'm on a creative mojo quest! Looking to reading everyone's posts!


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