Friday, 13 June 2014

Blogging Everyday in June - Day 13: Senses

It's Friday the 13th today (ooohhh!) I'm personally not a superstitious person, so I feel like everyday (13th or not) is a good day! What does Day number 13 bring....

Day 13:  Name your favourite smell, sound, view, taste and texture or Craft something with a music theme.

It's a wordy post today, so here's some favourites:

Fresh Laundry / Clean Cotton - I have a candle that smells like this by Yankee Candle called Clean Cotton and it smells so good, love that clean, fresh smell that you when you change your bed sheets or laundry. It's lovely. I also like the smell of another candle called Eucalyptus Mint by Bath and Body Works - it smells heavenly. 
Freshly cut grass is another one, tulips (my favourite flower), roses too and lastly probably home or baked food - like pies, bread or croissants.

Good music - though my taste in music is somewhat undesirable. 
Laughter and lots of it - it shows people are having a good time with each other, good conversation and great company. I also like the sound of my alarm not going off at 7am on a weekend or day off - which is always nice.

There's a great view of the Shard  in London near where I live and because I live on the top floor of my block of flats you can see it from where I am and it's beautiful. There's also a great view of London from Greenwich Park which is lovely as well. I love those kind of views because it looks so amazing and even at a different angle, it's still so beautiful.

Image via Google Image /
Ooooh, probably go for Strawberries, some Peaches, Watermelon is quite nice especially at this time of the year and maybe a tiny bit of chocolate. Loving a bit of the ol' ice cream too - now that the weather is nice for it. Wooohooo! Bring on the Summer! =)

I like soft things so materials such as wool, silk or cotton are quite nice really. I do like the texture of snow when you put your hand on it and make snowballs. I like the feel of flour when I bake sometimes, and last but not least - everyone loves them - the feel of a hug between your friends or loved ones! Aww.

Okay enough soppyness! What are your favourites?


  1. Aww that photo is stunning, sounds like you get a great view from your house aswell. Sorry I am just popping in today, been away for the night so catching up. Thanks for sharing Hugs Kelly xx

    1. Thanks Kelly! And thanks for the comment! I'm pretty lucky - the view is very pretty. Now that we're getting warmer weather its really nice just to come out on the balcony just to look at the view of chill out with the breeze! xx


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