Saturday, 14 June 2014

Blogging Everyday in June - Day 14: Favourite Craft & Flowers

Bit of a late post today as I have been pre-occupied watching the football and watching some awesome UK TV. So, hello Day 14! Here's the tasks today:

Day 14: What is your craft(s) or Craft something that has a Flower theme

I have a double post for you tonight, so let's start...
My craft is mainly card making, there are times when I will branch into scrapbooking, but this is far and few between and I haven't made a scrapbook page or created a full scrapbook for a while. 
At the moment I am working on creating a scrapbook for my boyfriend and I of our first year together so I've collected a ridiculous amount of receipts, tickets, leaflets and photos etc. to put all together - just trying to find the right scrapbook album for it :) 
But yes, back to the main craft - I am mainly a card maker, so I try and make as many cards as I can (as much as procrastination can take over in between, of course!) throughout the year.

And as its a double post, here is my flower themed card:

This was a Birthday Card I made for a former work colleague and friend. 
It features these great chipboard flowers from the Pretty Party collection by Crate Paper. The patterned paper used for the background is a mixture of two pads from Crate Paper as well. The sentiment is Pretty Phrases from Paper Smooches.

Hope you liked this double post tonight and until tomorrow - Happy Crafting! (Or maybe Football watching)


  1. Lovely card Mel, the chipboard flowers look lovely! Love the sentiment stamp....think I need to go check out Paper Smooches, it looks fab!
    hugs Jo x

    1. Thanks Jo! I love Paper Smooches - think I maybe slightly obsessed with them right now - they have some great stamps! Mel xx

  2. Lovely card huni... I love scrapbooking as well and have made a few full album's but I am still no were near caught up, I am trying to do a "our life" scrapbook for me and hubby from our first date to present, it is taking a while, I found a great album it is a "d-ring" album and it is leather, I didn't think I would like it as I thought it would look to much like a lever arch folder, but actually it is so easy to use, as you can swap the pages around with ease if you need to and it gives you so much more depth then a "normal" scrapbook album. Hope this helps a little - there are so many different types of albums out there now.

    1. Thanks Kelly! I've made a few full albums before for friends as gifts and I really liked making them. I might try your option actually as I would like to swap the pages around, I've found extra things as well to put in the scrapbook and I know I'm excited to put it together. My boyfriend has actually given me extra stuff to put in! Lol. So many albums, so many to choose from - it's just getting the size right and if everything will fit! Thanks for the suggestions, Kelly - it really does help! xx


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