Thursday, 19 June 2014

Blogging Everyday in June - Day 19: 10 Things

Its Day 19 of the Blog / Craft Challenge, so lets see what the tasks are for today:

Day 19: Tell us Ten Things that make you Happy or Craft something with a Food theme

It's a double post today - but it's gonna be done slightly differently. So here's the first part: (in no particular order)

Great people, great company, just like family, they make me feel very happy

I'm an only child, so Mum & Dad are my near and dear really and I owe them everything

Great reason for people who you may not have seen for a while get together on a special outing, day or trip and it's awesome catching up and reliving some great memories

I've found recently that I really like walking, especially when the weather is warm and the scenery surrounding is just perfect.

ho doesn't love food? Home cooked, comfort food, good roast on a Sunday. Perfect.

I've calmed it down a bit, but I still like a splurge!

Day Trips / Weekends Away
I've lived in the same city for 28 years, but sometimes it's nice to get away from the busy lifestyle, the hustle and bustle and go somewhere really quiet and relax...

Love a great joke, love a bit of sarcasm. My boyfriend used to do Stand-Up Comedy (he still does sometimes!) and he makes me laugh a whole lot, so do my friends too - bonus!

*big smile* Awww, it's the simple things - enough said.

Even though there are times when I'm slightly demotivated to craft it does take my mind off things, I do feel great when I create things and when I receive peoples positive feedback and smiley faces =)

So those are my current 10 things that make me super happy - I would love to know what yours are too!

I have done some Food themed mini cards for the double post, but it's gonna be slightly different as they'll be in a different post, as I'll be taking part in the Paper Smooches Sparks Challenge.

Next post coming up!


  1. Some great items on your list, love how you have calmed your shopping down but you still like a splurge I am exactly the same - I don't do shopping alot but when I do, my hubby knows about it.
    Thanks for sharing (sorry I am a bit late getting around been super duper busy revising for exam on tuesday)
    Hugs Kelly x

    1. Thanks Kelly for your comment =) I try and allocate some money towards new craft things - so packages arrive at the door and I always look forward to opening them!

      Hope the exam goes well on Tuesday! xx


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