Sunday, 22 June 2014

Blogging Everyday in June - Day 22: The Daily Show

Its the 22nd day of the craft / blogging challenge, so here are today's prompts:

Day 22: A Snapshot of you Day (Can be words, words and a picture or a single picture) or Craft something with a lacy theme.

I'm going to be doing a wordy post today!

Here's the snapshot I used for last year, and this pretty much still reflects my days presently:

So I work and live in London, on the days I work I travel into the centre of the City using the underground. The other days I don't work, I'm normally in my local area or I'm in the centre of town again to meet up with friends for catch ups, events or drinks. The weekends are pretty much the same. Either I'll be out, or I'll be at home depending on the diary!

It's a pretty short post today as I'm about to go out and enjoy the sunshine! 

Until tomorrow.... Happy Crafting!

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