Monday, 23 June 2014

Blogging Everyday in June - Day 23: Big Spender!

Its Day number 23 and the weather is still warm in London, so let's see what today's challenge is:

Day 23: What has been your Biggest Craft spend or Craft something for a Child recipient

Okay... Biggest Craft spend... Ummm. I think my 'biggest' purchase was my Sizzix Big Shot - now it wasn't hugely expensive because a) I got it in installments, b) It was on discount and c) It was under £60 when I bought it at the time and I remember walking into Hobbycraft the day before and it was double the price!
I bought my Big Shot on QVC and it was the Starter Kit as well - so it had a few dies, embossing folders and cards with it. I don't regret buying it - my crafting is so much better with it, I don't think my skills would have got as far as they have in previous years without it because there are so many creative possibilities now. In other notes though I am thinking of changing my Big Shot to a Cuttlebug or the Grand Calibur, as both machines are sized length-ways and would be easier to store away / put away. The Big Shot is a bit more bigger & wider and I have to store it awkwardly on top of my printer!

I tend to have 'big spends' at Craft Shows, but then again it's not huge amounts of spending. I go to the Big Stamp and Scrapbooking Show in North London twice a year to get a few things a bit cheaper and because they tend to be Show / Event deals its a bit more less money for me to spend! I tend to get more supplies online also because there are so many deals out and you can always get 10%, 20% off somewhere on holidays and certain days so the discount adds up - which makes it more value for money. Now that I see a lot of great cards, it just makes me want to diverse into other brands that wouldn't have been as popular - but then again crafting is like fashion trends - there's always a new technique out, or new tool to buy. The only difference is that handmade cards are created individually and no two cards will actually be the same. There'll be similar cards around, but they'll all be different in their own little way.

I'll only spend what I can do in a certain budget, I don't go crazy as I have more responsibilities now and can't spend everything on crafting (booo) Maybe when I have a nice house and a few spare rooms I'll have my own room and then maybe I'll be able to have as many toys as I want! =)

Hope you guys liked this wordy post for today - Day 24 tomorrow, a week left of the Challenge *sob*


  1. I am like you other then my electronic cutting machines which now I have worked out how much I have spent on them I am mortified lol.. My next biggest spends are at craft shows, were I am we only get one big one and to be honest I went in March as I hadn't been for about 4 years, and oh my there were some bargains but everything else you could get cheaper from the internet so like you I tend to order off line these days. Thanks for sharing Hugs Kelly xx

    1. Ebay seems to be my crafting best friend. I get some great nargains on ebay and if that fails then I always go to my favourite craft websites! *off to browse some craft goodies* Lol. xxx


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