Thursday, 26 June 2014

Blogging Everyday in June - Day 25: All About the Strugglers...

Day 25 in the catch up posts today. c'mon Day 25, what have you got for me?

Day 25: Tell us something you're struggling with or Craft something to give to an Auntie.

Craft wise there is a few things I'm struggling with:

CAS or Not CAS?
Being able to decided whether I want to do the Clean and Simple route, or whether or not I want to go down the 'Add all the embellishments' route. I do both and I feel like I'm settling more for the CAS route, but I'm still struggling to find my own specific style - I'm still getting inspiration from, there and everywhere. So I'm still working on it!

 Blending / Shading
I would like to colour without making it look 'too childish'. I'm a 'colour inside the lines' sort of person, but now that this is involving blending and using similar shades of a particular colour - I wish I was better at it. I tend to use one or two colours just to colour the image in, but I don't use a lot of shading and I really do wish I did more shading and blending! Practice makes perfect though!

Storage Hunters
I would love to have enough room to store everything. My stamps, my inks, my die cutting machine, even a desk! I'm struggling with storage and definitely need a rearrange!

So those are the crafty bits i'm struggling at the moment. Only five more days of the craft challenge left!

Day 26 next!

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