Thursday, 26 June 2014

Blogging Everyday in June - Day 26: The Ranting Brigade

Its Day 26 (Wooo, just about caught up!) and here are today's prompts:

Day 26: Have a rant (get it off your chest!) or Craft something that has the colour purple in it

So I'm going to go for the rant, I think!

I have a lot of pet peeves, while growing up in a big city, there is just an upteen amount of things that really annoy me, like really badly. Here's a tiny list:

1) Men who do not give up their seats for pregnant ladies who are standing in front of them on public transport - more so - on the Tube.

2) Some cyclists on the roads riding round like they own the place

3) People who take ages at the ATM when they know there's only one cash machine and a huge queue behind them.

4) Bus routes in London that take ages changing bus drivers

5) Two drinks that cost more than £10

That's five, I'm stopping the list there! I've finally caught up with my posts and there's only a few days to go on the challenge - let's make the most it! :)

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