Monday, 30 June 2014

Blogging Everyday in June - Day 29: Tips for Crafting...

I am catching up on posts (again) - it's been one of those weekends, so let's do a catch up...

Day 29: What advice would you give to a newbie crafter or Craft something that has the colour orange in it.

I think I will bestow some 'wise' words to someone who is new to crafting.... here's a few things I've learnt along the way...

When I first got into crafting I was only into one thing - cardmaking, but now I'm into a few things when it comes to craft and essentially there was never going to be one thing. I ultimately picked up two things that merged as one for me - card making and scrapbooking, but of which I enjoy and hope to undertake some new projects within the next few months.

Creativity is only your Limit
Enjoy crafting! You can look into one thing and then look at another. You'll have a great amount of ideas running through your head and you'll love having fun with craft things and equipment - essentially the sky's the limit, so have fun with your imagination.

Watch YouTube or Craft TV
In the UK we have Create and Craft TV which is a TV Channel based around the different types of craft available - whether it be papercrafting, scrapbooking, stamping, knitting & crochet and cake decorating, there is something for everyone and you're bound to come across products that you'll see as fun things, and things you'll see as investments, as well as techniques you'll use for the craft you've chosen. I love YouTube for the reason that when I'm into a more specific craft than the other, I'll look for ideas relating to that craft and see if I like certain products and equipment they're using for their crafts. It will also most of all give you inspiration.

 Buy, buy, buy!
When it actually comes to purchases I find that online stores - like Ebay, Amazon, and other craft websites will have sales, or craft discounts on or around special holidays and at the end of the season, so might do them randomly and subscribe to a few websites you might like and do a search on the cheapest product, like a lot of people in around the UK and the world, there is bound to be Craft shop somewhere and you have a look at what the product looks and feels like without buying something you may not like when it arrives at your door.

This ties in with the previous post, to always do some sort of research, see a few reviews, and see what other people think of some products. Have a look at some crafting challenges too as these will be points of inspiration for you as well. Buy a few magazines too - there will be helpful resources inside and it will create info and links for you to see what does in your area in terms of workshops, classes and local craft stores too for bargains. 

Don't forget Social media too - Facebook, Pinterest especially are great outlets for creative inspiration, so have a look round

Most importantly - enjoy it. You'll see the time fly by and your creativity will be ever expanding all the time, meaning deep pockets - but happy faces!

Happy Crafting!

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