Thursday, 5 June 2014

Blogging Everyday in June - Day 5: What Do I Wish I Good At...

Its Day 5 today and a nice warm day where I am. Let's see what today's post brings:

Day 5: What Do You Wish You Were Good At? Or Spring Themed Card

I'm working all day today, so no crafting for me until the weekend, I think, so I've decided to answer the question part of the post today.

1: Colouring Images and Blending
I am waaay tooo jealous of people who can colour and blending their Copic / Promarker / Spectrum Noir colour together to make great hair texture, skin colour or any black and white image come to life. I literally can't colour in for peanuts. I don't think it's gotten worse, but I it's got any better! So I'll either invest in new markers or colours or just use my Promarkers and use better paper or cardstock

2: CAS - Clean & Simple Cards
Still working on it. It's in progress, I'm getting there - kind of. I'm still thinking of making my cards more flouncy, the ribbons, race and doilies are still there! Gotta hold off on using too much glue!

3: Making Good Use of Time
I find that I actually do have a lot of time, but I don't use it very wisely. I just checked through my list that I made last year for this challenge last year and I mentioned of a lot of non-crafty things and those aspects are not too bad now. But time - yes time. I still need to make good use of it and I shall!

Like Kairen, I'd like to be do one project and not lead off and do another, as well as take good pictures of my cards and projects but I guess these are just down to time (that word again), practice and technique and these shall be mastered - eventually!

What do you wish you were good at?

Day 6 tomorrow and it's Friiiiiidaaaaaay too! Yay for the weekend! =)

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