Thursday, 31 July 2014

B-Loomin' Crazy!

So... after a few weeks of hearing a lot about the latest kids craze, I decided to jump on the bandwagon with them and have some fun with Loom Bands.

I heard a lot of stories beforehand about this being the new / best / number one and greatest toy ever for most kids, children and young adults to have for birthdays and now even Christmas, as well as all the health and safety stuff too and I had no idea what the papers and media were on about. So I Googled the ol' Loom Bands and watched a few YouTube videos and here I am today showing you some of my little creations that I've done. Yeah I didn't know that what going to happen either.

So firstly I bought a cheap loom from The Works, which is made out of plastic and is purple, it was not an official 'Rainbow Loom' product and it has a fixed base which you cannot move and does not have an opening through the middle for your bracelet to fall through like the official 'Rainbow Loom' does. I bought one pack of unofficial loom bands too, all in all it cost me about £2.50, so not very much to get you started and it's a great start up for you to make simple bracelets that do not require any difficult technical ability or does not require a space for the bracelet to fall through (you can either just pull the bracelet to the side)

Then this week, I saw a few tutorials on YouTube where they used an official Rainbow Loom with a metal hook - I previously had a plastic one, which looked like it was going to break any moment - and wanted to do a few more complicated designs or try different techniques, so I bought a Rainbow Loom Starter Kit from Claire's Accessories. (To be honest I would've got it cheaper online, but the hankering for eagerness and impatience was showing and I really wanted to test it out). The Claire's one - which is an Official Rainbow Loom with the metal hook and loom was £20, but you can get the same starter kit from Ebay, Tesco or Amazon for as little as £10 - £17. The Starter Kit comes with 600 bands as well, so you can technically loom to your hearts content. Claire's Accessories are actually the 'Loom HQ' of Rainbow Loom and is one of maybe a few UK shop-based places you can purchase a Rainbow Loom and it's associated official products in store, without buying online. Loom Bands are £5 each for 600 of a single colour and they do sell mixed colours for the same price as well.

Anyways enough rambling, here's my present creations:

Soliquay Bracelet - Tutorial online via YouTube from TutorialsbyA (c) 2014
Reversi Bracelet - Tutorial online via YouTube from TutorialsbyA (c) 2014

Triple Fishtail Bracelet - Tutorial online via TutorialsbyA (c) 2014

All these bracelets were made by myself following tutorials online via YouTube. These tutorials were done by TutorialsbyA on YouTube and you can check her channel here where you will find some great bracelet and non-jewellery related loom bandness on her channel which you can follow. Her tutorials are easy to follow and you'll be able to create some great bracelets and creations of your own with your own twist if you follow her.

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