Monday, 12 January 2015

Project Life 2015

Last year and probably for some time previous to that I decided I would get into scrapbooking again. I'd spent a lot time thinking about it and then when it came to it, I did do a few pages, but I felt slightly uninspired.

I think part of me really wanted to try something new, rather than creating something slightly half-hearted with the usual 8 x 8 size - which is what I had always used for years. And I wanted to try something new with scrapbooking.

I found out about Project Life accidentally through YouTube. I had subscribed to a few crafters during the last few years and progressively some of them ventured into Project Life, one particular person who always stuck out for me is Cheri from Scrappin n Wrappin'. (scrappinnwrappin on YouTube) Cheri has done process videos for Project Life over the last few years when she started doing her PL scrapbook and the embellishments she uses, the way she creates a PL page - it's just a-ma-zing. The amount of time and the amount of prep must be incredible - I am for one was really interested in knowing more about PL and just the way it 'works together'.

Over the last year I had been thinking about it. The only thing that troubled me at the time was price. I have two part time jobs now, so it's a bit more feasible now, but 6 months back, it really wasn't! Everything became really expensive and make doing with the materials I had to create an awesome book of memories had to put on a back burner.

Now it's 2015 and I would like to get started with Project Life and recollect my memories all over again and create a new version of my world and see how it comes out. Another YouTuber I subscribed to - Lily Pebbles recently did a video about Project Life for beginners and it's a good video for those who would like to get started on PL, as well as get the bits and pieces needed for it - so hopefully not too much spending for me! Lily does it in the most simplest of versions, so for someone like me who just needs a few necessities - and doesn't want to spend too much - then that's pretty much me settled!

These are the things I've bought so far:

Project Life Page Protectors - Small Variety Pack 6

Summer - Insert Cards

Man's World - Insert Cards

I did check out some Free Downloadables via Pinterest, so I am hoping to build up my collection of cards soon and re-do my 2014 8 x 8 scrapbook and keep one up to date for the current year! I'll be sure to include some pages along the way too.

To find out more about Project Life - what it is, what it's all about - you can have a look here:
Project Life

Happy Crafting!

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