Sunday, 25 October 2015

12 Days | Day 1 - Advent Calendar Pockets

Most people I know like chocolate and now these days you can get beauty and gift related Advent Calendars for the run up to the Festive Period.

Here I will be showing you the easiest ways of making Advent Calendar Pockets in which you can make yourself without the use of glue, or even sellotape. All you'll need is your favourite sweets, teabags, hot chocolate pouches or similar, some string and a trip down at the sweet shop...

Things You'll Need

25 Party / Sweet Bags (these can be all different sizes, or colours)
Baker and Maker | £1.50 and £2.50 for 25 | Various colours available
Small Tags (Also available Free Printable Numbered Tags)
Tiger | £1 for 15 | Various colours available
Pen / Marker
Mini Pegs
Tiger | £1 x 24
Twine or String (5m plus)
Homesense / TK Maxx | £2.99 | Set of 3 Twines, 20m each
Sweets / Tea / Hot Chocolate Sachets
Mini Envelopes (C6 Size)
Paperchase | 40p each | Various colours available

- x -

Party Bag Version

Take a Party Bag and fill with your choice of sweets, tea, or sachet

Fold over the top flap of the bag to close temporarily

Place a mini peg over the flap to secure the contents inside

Measure 30cm of twine or string and tie at the top

Secure the twine / string loop under the mini peg to secure to the bag in order for you to hang the pocket on to either a hook, or a hanger, or the Christmas tree.

Take a mini tag and draw or write the number of the pocket for the a particular day. So if it is the 1st pocket for Day 1 of Advent, write 'One' or the number 1.
For this particular tag, I'm using Free Printables that are tags and all you need to do is print and cut (Link below)

Attach either the tag to 15cm of twine or secure under the peg on the front of the Advent pocket, or place the tag (without twine) under the bag.

And there you have it - an Advent Calendat Pocket! Hang up where you wish to.

- x -

Envelope Version

Take an envelope and fill the envelope with your choice of sachet or sweets

You can lick and close the flap of the envelope if you wish to.

Place a mini peg at the top of the envelope to attach your number tag and string

Write out on your mini tag a number for the corresponding day and attach to the front with the mini peg. I will be using some free printables that I have printed out and cut. Link is below

Measure out 30cm of twine and tie a knot at the top. Attach this loop with the mini peg to hang your pocket envelope on your tree, a hook or hanger.

And there you have it - an envelope Advent Calendar Pocket. Hang anywhere you would like to!

- x -

Quick Tips

If you don't have any tags to write numbers, or if you don't have ready made numbers, you can print out your own numbers in Microsoft Word (below as pictured) or even in Paint

You can also print out numbers from online templates. I used a a free printable of Advent Calendar tags from the Simple As That Blog to make creating numbers easier.
You can print, cut and attach the tags to each individual envelope or sweet bag

You can get packs of mini envelopes from the £1 Store (UK) and from the $1 Store (US). For those in the UK, do you remember Dinner Money envelopes? You can use those and get them very cheaply online.

For sweets, you can use Tea or Flavoured Sachets for the Envelope pockets to save on space inside the envelope. You can also use different sized envelopes - DL, Square, or even C6 size to vary the contents as well.

No twine? Use string!

You can use double sided tape to secure contents of the advent envelopes, but if you think it doesn't need that - that's okay as well.

So I hope that this first make will inspire you to make your own Advent Calendar Pockets - the only problem will now be from refraining to eat the contents until the 1st Dec!

Next Post for 12 Days will be Weds 28th - until then - Happy Crafting!


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