Sunday, 25 October 2015

The 12 Days of Melus Christmas Projects

Hi everyone and welcome to the 100th Post on my blog as well as the first day of the
'12 Days of Melus' Christmas Projects.

The whole premise of putting this mini Christmas series together is so that you (yes you!) can make some easy Christmas projects for Advent, to use as gifts, to use as holders of gifts, decoration ideas and Christmas cards to give to your friends, family, work mates, colleagues, or loved ones.

Some of the projects will be easy to make, supplies that you buy quite easily or equipment you may have at home. Some projects will require the use of certain craft boards or certain craft tools - but most will be with the use and aid of items and equipment you can buy easily or some that you have at home.

Posts will be every Sunday and Wednesday running up until December.

First post coming up.... Happy Crafting!

**picture above is an illustrative representation of projects similar, but not the exact projects made and showcased on the blog. 

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