Saturday, 3 October 2015

World Card Making Day

Hi there guys! Long time no post! But here's one just for World Card Making Day - which is today - October 3rd.

I decided not to make a new card as such for World Card Making Day, but to post my Top 5 Favourite Cards I've made over the last few years. So here's my Favourite 5!

- x -

"Believe in Yourself"

A  card I made for a Design Team Project and really oved created this card. It wasn't meant to turn out the way it did, as I normally 'wing' some designs (I don't normally plan in advance) But I love this card and it had proud of place on my wall.

- x -


A Wedding Card. I made this for my friend Emily whose wedding I went to a year or so ago. Lovely venue, great company and beautiful bride! 

- x -


I made this card fr another Design Team Project. Love the blue theme and the picture of Wryn from Tiddly Inks in the middle. Cute little card.

- x -

"24 Months"

This card was inspired by a Pinterest post I saw and loved the whole theme and design of it, so decided to use it to inspire the creation of this card. I made this card for my other half to celebrate our two year anniversary

- x -

"Greetings and Salutations"

The simplest of all cards to make doesn't require too much effort and gives great results. This cards were inspired by Pinterest and just the pure easy, no fluffing around design and outlay.

So those are my Top 5 Favourite Cards - I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Christmas is on its way, so Christmas Creations are certainly going to be featuring in the next few posts from now until Christmas!

Excited much? I THINK SO!!! Until then, Happy Crafting!

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