Monday, 2 November 2015

12 Days | Day 3 - Christmas Rattan Wreath

Today's Day 3 is a mini Christmas Rattan Wreath decorated with a floral, christmassy theme (a little bit of floral with 'Christmas' colours)

A fun project for you and the kids to do, or if you're feeling super creative - it's a completely blank canvas!

Here is what you'll need
Red Bead Garland
Primark | £1.50
Red 30mm Tea / Wild Roses
2 Tone Mulberry Rose Leaves
(Suitable alternatives are available via the Hobbycraft Website or through a local materials or Haberdashery)
Silver Foil Card
Gold Foil Card
Star Punch
Glue Dots / Strong Glue
Green Ribbon

- x -

Cut approx 1.5m of the red pearl garland and wrap this around the rattan wreath. Secure by tucking the beads into the individual spaces between twigs / branches. Cut off any excess beads.

Take the Tea / Wild Roses and twist them together to make bunches of either two or three roses at a time. I used two roses to form a bunch and slotted the wire stems into the spaces between the twigs / branches to secure. You can shift them around for flexibility.

Do the same with the leaves as well. I used 4 leaves at a time to create one stem that can be slotted in as well

It should be in the the arrangement that you have created. I went for minimal flowers, but quite a bit more green leaves. I had 16 leaves in my wreath, two sets of 4 leaves on each side.

I then die cut - but you can use a 'Star' punch in any size to cut out some star embellishments for the wreath to stick on around the wreath in gold and silver card or thick paper. In this picture because I didn't have any gold or silver card (I know, right!) I had to make my own using gold and silver embossing powder, Versamark pad and a heat tool. 

Place glue dots on the stars enough to cover the rattan wreath. You can also use strong glue if you wish to.

Stick the stars on to the wreath

And last but not least to hang up your wreath, you will need to insert ribbon on to your wreath. I've managed to slot some green striped ribbon through the top of the wreath without extra accessories to secure it, so it hangs without difficulty. You can use extra thin twine, or extra fishing line to secure wrapping it around the wreath at the top, and then threading the ribbon through.

And there you have it - a mini Christmas Wreath to hang on your door, or in your house and it will be to your creative mind on what it looks like and how decorative you (and maybe your kids may want to be!)

Here are a few angle shots 

I hope you guys have enjoyed this make. The next post for 12 Days is 4th November.

Until then, Happy Crafting

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