Wednesday, 25 November 2015

12 Days | Day 8 - Boxes (with and without Craft Boards)

Hello everyone! Day 8's post is all about Boxes.

Today I will be making a simple 2.5 by 2.5 by 1.5 box using the We R Memory Keepers Box Punch Board

You can make this box also by using a 'Dice shape' template that you can use. You can also make an origami box as well. details of which can be seen further down the post.

Here is what you'll need

We R Memory Keepers Box Punch Board
8 x 8 Squared Paper
Die Cut Tags /  Do Crafts Folk Christmas
Twine / String
Double Sided Tape / Glue / Glue Dots

Take the 8 x 8 squared paper and follow the instructions on the board. We will be creating a square 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 box, so you will be starting and scoring with the 'M' line on the start line edge. Punch and score where appropriate.

Once one set of punches are done, you will nee to either flip the piece of paper other, or line up the board so that it will punch a second set of notches, where the instructions. You will also need to score where necessary

Insert the corners into the left hand slot, this will cut notches so that the top four tabs will lock into each to form a closure.

Fold along the score lines and you can lock in the top flaps together. The box will fold in

Take some ribbon and wrap this around the box tying a knot at the top of the box to secure it.

Cut a length of twine and insert this twine into a die cut tag from the Do Crafts Folk Christmas range. If you have pre-prepared tags, please use these instead.

Attach the tag on the bow of the box and this will be the perfect box for any present.

The punch board can create most sized boxes, so give them all a try with different sizes available!

For Non Board Users

You use a dice shape net like the one below

You may have to make a lid!

For the origami Lover in you, this tutorial below to make a box using square pieces of paper will be right up your street!

You can also make a lid with this box using similar tutorials

And here are some printables as well

The boxes can be then decorated with your own ribbon, embellishments and stickers! 

The posts this week leading up to the 12th Day won't be on the same days as usual they will be on different days, so stay tuned for those posts!

As always, Happy Creating! 

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