Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Happy Spring Time! | Update and Future Creativeness

Hi there everyone and welcome to Spring (nearly) and of course welcome to Melusberry Crafts.

As you could tell from the last few posts I was doing the 12 Days of Christmas and well it got there and then Christmas came full swing and hit me in the face and I unfortunately had no time amongst working, buying and prepping for Christmas that I didn’t finish the last few days on the blog.
If you would like a process / method post behind them, please let me know – I can adapt them slightly to accommodate a more less seasonal holiday or occasion (like a birthday or anniversary) – so please leave your comments below. The last few Christmas projects I did were foil-themed and foil-based.

I had planned to do a few posts in the New Year, but have lost so much craft mojo that I have stopped doing a few things creatively for a while to get some momentum back. I don't normally go on breaks for long periods of times, but I am finding that my time is very limited and if there is any spare time, I literally like to spend this time doing not very much, as I am always on the GET GO. ALL THE TIME, so for now I will be doing a few projects here and there and will be a mix of creative discoveries rather than fixating on one medium.

I would like to think 2016 would be full of creativity, and I would be like 'Let's do everything!' But at this present moment time, I want to take one day at a time and one project at a time - and where that path takes me.

Here's to Spring, Easter and hopefully a lot more UK Summer sun and creative inspiration!


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