Sunday, 27 March 2016

The Reset Girl | #plannersgottaplan

I've joined the 'Reset' Club and decided that I would grab some stickers at 40% off while I still could! Welcome to the wonderful world of planners, planning and everything associated with the great world of it!

The Reset Girl was developed and created by Cori Spieker - she loves planners, planning, planner lists and everything in relation to it. She runs a planner list group, and she has her own shop dedicated to selling planner stickers, accessories, stationery and more. It's a great website and at the time through a fluke, there was 40% off stickers last month and free worldwide shipping too. I only ordered a few stickers to test the service and products out, so here's my very small order:

First of all, let's take not of the posting envelope:

Like seriously, that's pretty cool! Loving the envelope sticker too:

Here's the contents from the back:

And now for everything I bought:

So in this order, I bought some Blogger stickers in the Cutie range, Small Talk Strip Reminders in City Girl edition and mini Dew drops in Cutie and Honey girl ranges. Really gorgeous colours and sweet little stickers too. My order came to under $10 and it was 40% off with free shipping. Free shipping only applies to stickers - it does not apply to any other orders. Here's a few pictures of the individual items I bought:

Dew drops in Honey Girl and Cutie colour ranges

Cutie Itty Bitty Blogger Reminders

City Girl Small Talk Strips

You also get a few freebies, of which are below:

Freebies include: a Planners Gotta Plan postcard, a thank you note for your order, some colour block stickers, a Fish Fortune Teller and some mini XOXO stickers.

I made this order on the 10th March 2016, mailing was done seven days later on 17th March, and the item arrived on 26th March 2016, so just over two weeks for the envelope to arrive. To be honest, I'm not too fussed about the time period, only because I didn't need it urgently and the packet was coming from the US and I live in the UK.

The site has a great range of supplies to buy for planners and for stationery lovers, colours are vibrant, but there will always be a colour palette to suit everyone.

Check out the shop: and also check out the Reset Girl Blog at:

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